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ICMAB Foundation Level Examination - Fundamentals of Management & Business Communication Questions

The current Foundation Level of ICMAB used to be known as Knowledge Level a few years back. And those who are looking for previous years' questions of Knowledge Level CMA Examination for understanding more about CMA questions pattern, don't forget to thank us later.

The currently known Fundamentals of Management & Business Communication's syllabus is almost similar to the previous Knowledge Level's subject - Business Communication. Just take a look at the below and see what we got for you, the new CMA Knowledge Level Candidates. There will be more coming up on our websites.



Time: 2 hours 30 minutes
Full Marks: 80

  • All questions are to be attempeted.
  • Answer must be brief, relevant, neat and clean.
  • Use fresh sheet for answering each question.

ICMAB Foundation Level Examination - Fundamentals of Management & Business Communication Questions


Question Number 1.
[Marks: 10]

A software company "Fast Track Ltd." proposes to recruit a part qualified CMA with no experience, as member of their software development team. Please write a forwarding letter describing your eligibility for the position.

Question Number 2.
[Marks: 10]

You are the Accounts Manager of "Zygots Ltd." You are required to prepare a report for the Finance Director explaining why budgeted profit was not achieved during 2014.
Please consider the following when preparing your report.

  • Budgeted sale was TK 1.0 Million; actual sale was TK. 0.85 Million;
  • budgeted cost of goods sold was TK. 0.5 Million; actual cost of goods sold was TK. 0.45 Million;
  • budgeted salary expenses were TK. 0.15 Million; actual salary expenses was TK. 0.175 Million;
  • budgeted number of units sold was TK. 20,000. whereas the actual units sold was TK. 10,000;
  • budgeted rent was TK. 85,000; and actual rent was TK. 60,000.

Question Number 3.
[Marks: 10]

You are the company Secretary of "XYZ Ltd." The company's Board meeting was held on 2nd November 2015 at their office premises. Mr. Mubin Rahman is the Managing Director. The other Directors, Mr. Nayeem Hossain, Mrs. Nazma Haque, Ms. Ismat Qadir were also present.

You are required to draft the minutes of the meeting, where it was decided to increase prices of all products by 5%, increase salary of staff by 3% and to open a distribution centre in Chittagong.

Question Number 4.
[Marks: 10]

  • (a) "Good Communication skills are vital for your success in the Job" - Do you agree? Expalin.
  • (b) What are the Steps of an effective communication system or Model?
  • (c) Briefly explain downward, upward, and horizontal communication with examples.


Question Number 5.
[Marks: 10]

Write Short Notes on The Following: (Any five)

  • (a) Graphics and visual tools in the communication;
  • (b) Informal and formal reporting;
  • (c) Contents of official memo;
  • (d) Do's and dont's in word selection in business communication;
  • (e) Public speaking - Important Communication tools;
  • (f) SMS and social media communication.

Question Number 6.
[Marks: 10]

  • (a) For a listed company an annual report is a major medium of communication with its shareholders. As a CFO, what items would you suggest to discuss in the Director's Report?
  • (b) Write a letter to a foreign investor, trying to convince him about Bangladesh's economic and developmental situation and the country's future potentials.
  • (c) Briefly explain downward, upward, and horizontal communication with examples.

Question Number 7.
[Marks: 10]

You are the Accounts Executive of "Bright Company Ltd." Your company imports LED Bulbs from "Chiang Ho Ltd.", a Chinese company. Your company imported a container of these bulbs which 10,500 pieces costing US $4,250 were found to be of low quality.

You are required to write an email to Mr. Wang Hei Marketing Director of the Chinese Company about the matter and asking for compensation.

Question Number 8.
[Marks: 10]

Alternative investments have become increasingly popular in the last decade as investors seek a safe heaven from highly volatile equities and the unpredictable property market. During this time, alternative investments such as paintings and stamps have outperformed traditional investments by around 60%. High net worth individuals, in particular, are scrambling to diversify their portfolios in order to mitigate risk and preserve their capital.

While alternative investments can produce higher returns, they have significant downsides. Fakes present a major problem for potential investors as fraudsters flood the market with replicas. This is a particular issue with popular artists such as Picasso, who produced thousands of pieces of art.

Furthermore, paintings can be expensive to buy and sell, with auctioneers typically taking around 6% of the sale value in fees. Finally, valuable pieces need to insured and protected. The most valuable artworks are often stored in bank vaults and secure art storage facilities, with the owner rarely getting to enjoy these works of art.

  • (a) Highlight and discuss the main issue(s) mentioned in the scenario given above.
  • (b) Comment on the following:
    "A piece of art has more aesthetic worth to potential investor if he could keep it at home and locked up in a vault. Looking at it as an investment increases all the security related paraphernalia around it, thereby reducing its value as an investment."