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How to Fix Laptop Battery Problems If Laptop Battery is not Charging [Tutorial]

How to Fix Laptop Battery Problems if Laptop Battery isn't Charging [Bangla Tutorial Video]

Just imagine, you just plugged in your laptop with the power adapter but the battery isn't charging up or the battery icon shows that the battery is missing. You'll definitely get a shock for a while.
So what's the issue? Or what's wrong with the laptop's battery you might be wondering and it really freaks you out.

Whenever anyone faces such an unwanted and unexpected incident that they don't know how to deal with, that becomes a great problem.
So, in this post, I'll try to explain some common problems with laptop batteries and why, when, and how a laptop battery can't be working or taking charge.
And then I'll let you know some easiest hacks to get rid of those battery problems and how to repair laptop battery not charging.

  • Problem 1 - Laptop battery is dead or missing.
  • At this stage, in order to know How to Fix a Laptop Battery Not Charging you must check and recheck if the battery icon shows that the battery is at 0% charge and after connecting the power cable, it still not taking charge.
    If that's the problem with the battery and the battery isn't charging just take out the battery and get a new one of the same model and voltage and connect that properly. It'll do the work trust me it worked for me when it wasn't rising from 0% and I found that my battery cells were dead.
  • Problem 2 - Laptop battery's charge at 0% and not rising and whenever you turn on the laptop it automatically gets turned off.
  • In order to repair such kind of laptop battery problem, you should know whether it's a system failure or just a dead battery causing it so.
    Once I had to see my laptop keeps turning off even it was connected with the adapter.
    So what I did to fix my laptop battery problem is "I just simply disconnected the battery from the board and took it out and then it just used to be okay to use connecting the adapter. But whenever there was power-cut the laptop would be dead.
    Then after a while, I just bought a new battery and that's still working fine with me.

So whenever you have such problems with your laptop battery isn't charging or working or at 0%. My first recommendation will be to Go to the Troubleshooter from the Settings and look for the Power Troubleshooter option and check if there's anything that comes out.

Otherwise for fixing or repairing problems like above you just can follow my guidelines.
Hopefully, that will help you guys out.

Bengali people can watch the following YouTube video from our channel to fix most of the common laptop battery problems.

This tutorial will help you to solve or fix battery problems easily. Tips & Tricks to Detect Laptop Batteries Problem or Issues and How to Fix Them.
It's quite common to see people searching How to Solve/Fix Laptop Batteries Not Connected or Not Charging Problem.
Sometimes Laptop Batteries Get Damaged for Lots of Reasons. Here, I tried to Describe How to Understand Exactly What's Wrong with Your Laptop Batteries and How to Find Them Out.