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5 Best Low Price Wireless Keyboard Mouse Price in BD | Wireless Keyboard Price in Bangladesh

What are the 5 Best Low Price Wireless Keyboards and Mouse Combo Pack in Bangladesh?

If you're looking for a low-price wireless keyboard-mouse combo pack and want to know the price of some of the best wireless keyboards and mouses, just don't worry, we have your back. Stay with us for a while and check these 5 best low prices wireless keyboards we got here and hopefully, you will love these.

Here we shared the 5 lowest price wireless keyboards price in Bangladesh along with their features, build-quality, and our users' experiences.


If you're on a very tight budget during your PC-Build or you just want a wireless keyboard at the lowest price in Bangladesh, but you are also concerned about the quality and durability of the keyboard then you should consider reading this post attentively.

Here in this post, we'll be talking about the 5 Best Low-Price Wireless Keyboards in Bangladesh which are more than good enough for regular users.

1. Xtreme KM6X-013 Black Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo with Bangla Fonts


The Price of this Xtreme KM6X-013 Keyboard in Bangladesh is around 700TK to 750TK. The great thing about this Combo Pack is that it comes with a Wireless Mouse too.
So, you're actually getting a wireless keyboard and a wireless mouse just under 750TK. Yeah, the build quality and materials of the keyboard might not be so premium but considering the price, it's a good deal.

2. Rapoo E1050 Black Wireless Keyboard with Bangla Fonts


This particular Rapoo keyboard is my personal favorite for some reason. I used this keyboard for more than 3years and it was still working great but the USB dongle and the mouse was causing problems as I had a combo pack of this keyboard, I had to get rid of that.

But this pack only comes with the Rapoo E1050 Wireless Keyboard only with a price of around 850TK to 900TK at present. The build quality and the keys' smoothness and flexibility are amazing and it really is so comfortable to type with this keyboard.

3. HAVIT KB653GCM Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo


This HAVIT KB653GCM Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo Pack will cost you 875TK to 950TK. The good thing about this Combo pack is its mouse is so comfortable to use that it is not so small or not so bigger which doesn't cause any problem to handle.
Both the mouse and keyboard require 2 AAA Batteries for each to work.

4. Micropack KM-203W Wireless Combo Keyboard and Mouse


Its price will be within 930TK in the local market. With a nano USB receiver, it has something great to offer. The mouse curves and build quality is so good to be used comfortably.

Though the Micropack KM-203W Wireless Keyboard doesn't look so cute in terms of shape but trust me this one's build material is better than the Xtreme KM6X-013 Black Wireless Keyboard and the HAVIT KB653GCM Wireless Keyboard.

5. Suntech ST-03 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo


Coming down at number 5 I was quite confused between Suntech ST-03 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo and the Golden Field GF-KM712W Wireless Mini Combo Keyboard Mouse.
But guess what I choose to keep Suntech ST-03 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo at number 5.

The Price of the Suntech ST-03 Wireless Keyboard Mouse Combo Pack is within 970TK, where the Golden Field's one will cost you around 1000TK.
The reason I decided to go with the Suntech ST-03 is that the design and look of the keyboard and mouse are so adorable and quite premium considering the price tag.
Even the size of the keyboard is very compact and it doesn't require much space.

So that is the wrap-up of our today's low-price wireless keyboard mouse combos list.
Thanks for being here with us.