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HP S700 250GB SSD for Laptop [Review] | HP S700 250GB SSD Price and Specs

HP S700 250GB SSD for Laptop [Review] | HP S700 250GB SSD Price and Specs

HP S700 250GB Notebook or Laptop SSD, as par marketing pandas this is somewhat one of the lowest-budget 250GB SATA SSDs for Laptop from HP's end.
As I've been using this HP SSD for 3months, I would love to share what I experienced and how is the performance of this 250GB SSD.

I'll try to give you guys a complete idea of my experience with this particular SSD. And, of course, you'll get an honest review of the HP S700 250GB SSD.

Before sharing my opinions I humbly request you to take a look at the following video where I tried to show How I Installed this HP SSD in my laptop's 2.5" SATA III Port.

To be honest, when I used to work with my WD Blue 1TB HDD that came with my laptop that was used to take a long time to boot into my system, and whenever I tried to open any apps that were actually time-consuming too.

And as the SSD's functioning and speeding-up capabilities the HP S700 250GB SSD managed to surprise me with its solid super-fast system boot and fast software launching.

So the improvement in app-launching time makes me wonder that's what I had been looking for.
As you already know you can use this HP S700 250GB SSD for speeding up your laptop performance,
you can buy it in Bangladesh at a cost of 4000TK.

HP SSD S700 250GB 2.5" SSD Specifications:

SSD Brand: HP
Model Number: HP SSD S700 250GB 2.5" SSD
Reading Speed: Up to 561MB/s
Writing Speed: Up to 523 MB/s

And as you already noticed that I'm a Professional Graphics Designer and YouTuber I had to work with lots of stuff and apps which are pretty much high resourceful software.

This HP SSD managed to help me with almost 3X faster Windows boot and blazingly fast software launching time.

So the people who are looking for a low-budget 250GB SSD and desperately want to see a huge improvement in the performance of their notebook or laptop, I'll definitely recommend this HP SSD for them.

It's amazingly helping me with making my regular workloads done in a quick time which I love to experience in my every activity.

This HP SSD S700 250GB SSD has a Reading Speed of 561MB/s and a Writing Speed of 523MB/s.

HP SSD S700 250GB is a 2.5inch or 6.7mm Solid State Driver.

Solid State Drive (SSD) Name: HP SSD S700 250GB 2.5" SSD