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How to Check Actual Broadband Internet Speed | Broadband Speed Test [Tutorial Video]

How to Check Your Broadband Internet Speed Properly?

This might be the question you've in your mind as you can't figure out or test the actual broadband internet speed you're having. It ain't something so hard to find out.

How to Check Actual Broadband Internet Speed | Broadband Speed Test [Tutorial Video]

There are a holy bunch of tools and online broadband internet speed testing websites or tools out there. All you have to know is which are trustworthy or give you the real-time bandwidth test results.

Here we discussed the 3 easiest methods to find out the Internet Speed or the Highest amount of Bandwith you're getting with your internet connection.

1. To Check Your Bandwidth or Data Transmission Speed you can use Fast is a tool by Netflix for knowing the real-time internet speed you're getting.

2. For smart windows operators, there's another way to find out your actual internet speed.
Just search for "Task Manager" within "Search Icon" in your desktop window or you can press CTRL+Shift+Esc to open the Task Manager tool.

There you'll get a window showing processes your computer right now is processing. On the right side of the "Processes" tab, there will be another tab called "Performance".
Just click on that and see the performance of the Wi-Fi tab or Ethernet whatever you are connected to.

3. There's another website or an online tool called "Speedtest by Ookla", which is pretty much difficult to understand as it shows a very higher bandwidth result than your ISP is providing you. Though it's not incorrect from a parameter, it is difficult to understand for some common users.