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How to Install Clean Windows 10 for Free | How to Setup Original Windows 10 Easily [Tutorial]

How to Download Windows 10 ISO File Using Microsoft Media Creation Tool

Microsoft recently launched Windows 11 globally and made it easier for everyone to Setup or Install Windows 11 using an ISO file and a bootable flash drive.
But if you're having old hardware, CPU, and an old TPM chip then you can't upgrade to Windows 11.

So, in that case, Windows 10 is still the best option for so many of us to stay with, and Installing Windows 10 isn't so hard thing to do.

In order to Install a Clean Setup of Windows 10, you should have a good-speed internet connection, and a USB flash drive or Pen Drive of 8GB or more unless you want to Install Windows 10 using DVD Drive.

Actually, so many people don't have the option of an Optical DVD Driver on their PC or Laptop nowadays.
And we think for a clean authentic Windows 10 installation it's the best option to go with the Official ISO file from the Microsoft official website.

So you must have a PC or Laptop for setting up the Bootable USB Flash Drive using an ISO file. And it's the safest and faster way to install windows 10 in this modern era.

For that reason, we'll highly recommend you to download the official ISO File of Windows 10 and Setup Windows Using a Bootable flash drive on your computer or laptop so that you can have the taste of a Clean Windows 10 and a faster Windows 10 Installation process.

We're going to share Step by Step Guides for Installing Windows 10 using Media Creation Tool, ISO file, and a USB Flash Drive. Let's begin.

1. Download Microsoft Media Creation Tool
The first thing you have to do is downloading the Microsoft Media Creation tool from Microsoft's official site.
Here's the direct download link of the tool: Media Creation Tool

2. Open or Run the Media Creation Tool
After completion downloading the tool, Open or Run the tool on your computer or laptop. Then you'll get a window like this.

Microsoft Media Creation Tool's Opening Window for Installing Windows 10 for Free

Just click on the "Accept" icon on the right side.

Then the tool will process for a bit and you'll get a new window like the next screenshot.

Create Windows 10 Installation Media File or ISO File for Other PC

Here you should select the "Create installation media (USB flash drive, DVD, or ISO File) for another PC".
And then click on the "Next" icon at the bottom to make sure your choice for creating Windows 10 ISO file.
It'll make you create a clean Windows 10 ISO File for installing Windows on any PC or Laptop.

3. Select your desired Windows 10 Edition, Language, and Bitrate.

Select Your Desired Windows 10 Edition, Language, Bitrate to Setup Windows 10 on another PC
Now after selecting "Next" you'll get these options to choose your desired language of Windows 10 and the edition you want to have on your ISO file.
But you must "Untick" the "Use the recommended options for this PC" like we did on the screenshot above.

I'll recommend you to choose "Windows 10" in the edition section for having the Windows 10 Pro version, Windows 10 Home version, and Windows 10 Education version all along. It'll help you to install any of these Windows 10 editions you like to have on your computer.

Just select your language, keep the edition to "Windows 10" and select "64-bit(x64)" for architecture.

Then click on the "Next" icon again for confirming your choices to go for the next steps.

4. Now choose "which media to use" for installing Windows 10 on another PC


Be very attentive here, if you have at least 8GB of USB Flash Drive then plug that in your computer and "Format the USB Drive". Then here in this part just choose or mark the USB Flash Drive option and hit the "Next" button.

Remember one thing, if your current pc that you're working on for creating this installation media is running on MBR boot and partition, then your bootable flash drive with Windows 10 setup will only work on installing windows on MBR partition.
But we'll recommend you to have "Secure Boot" or "UEFI Boot" or "GPT Partition" mode turned on for having a secure setup and secure Windows 10 operating system.

For that reason, we decided to download the Windows 10 ISO file and flash that into a USB Flash Drive with UEFI or Secure Boot order.

So just mark the "ISO file" option in this part and hit "Next", you'll get a window like the following one.

Here you've to choose where or in which folder you want to save the ISO file of Windows 10. So for us, we save that in our "E Drive".

Now the downloading progress will be showing and when the downloading will be completed there will be some processing stuff.
These things will be done automatically. All you have to do is watching and waiting for a window like this 👇🏻

When everything was done we saw that the "Windows.iso" file was saved into our "E Drive" and now we just need to hit the "Finish" icon.
It'll finish up the process and the Media Creation Tool will be closed automatically after clicking on the "Finish" icon.

5. Boot the "Windows.iso" file in your USB Flash Drive
Now you have the Windows 10 ISO file, so you'll be needing to boot that into your USB Drive. A minimum of 8GB USB Pendrives or Flash Drive is needed for this purpose.
Now download a portable app or tool known as "Rufus" from here: Download Rufus v3.15 (portable)

It's a very lightweight portable tool for creating USB bootable flash drives using USB Pendrives or Memory Sticks.


Now plug in your USB Pendrive in your Laptop or PC and Open or Run the Rufus tool from where you downloaded that. You will see a UI (user interface) like the above screenshot.
Here you can see your USB Pendrive selected automatically by the tool right under the "Device" section. Our's one name is "ESD-ISO (G:) [8 GB]" and we marked that as "1".

Now where we marked 2 just click on that "Select" icon and upload the "Windows.iso" file where you downloaded that using the "Media Creation Tool".
We had downloaded that on the same location or drive as we had our Rufus tool.
You can see that at the bottom of the above screenshot.

6. Start booting the USB Flash Drive
Now when you uploaded the Windows.iso file you'll see a window like the following one.

Look at the left side of the "Select" icon you'll see that your Windows.iso file is being grabbed by the Rufus tool.

Now keep everything as like as we did in the above picture and click on the "Start" icon right under the green Ready bar.

Now the Rufus tool will boot the Windows.iso file in your USB Drive and make that a Bootable USB Flash Drive for Installing Windows 10 on any Laptop or PC.

You'll see that Rufus is copying the files to the USB Drive like in the next picture.

When it'll finish up the processing then you'll see a complete green bar like the picture before this one.
And you'll see the "Start" icon clickable again after completion of the flashing.

Now when the process will be done by Rufus, just close it and close everything. Restart your computer and see that if your USB Flash Drive has an icon with its name like the Media Creation Tool app logo.

If you see that green logo with your USB Flash Drive's Name then it's confirmed that the USB Driver is bootable now.

For using this USB Flash Drive to Install Windows 10 on any computer you need to plug the drive now on that computer and Turn ON that PC or Laptop and instantly hit the "F12" key at the top of the keyboard.

Remember you have to hit the "F12" key constantly as soon as you press the Power Button of your Computer or Laptop. It'll bring you a boot order to boot the USB Flash Drive for installing Windows 10.

[N.B: for some computers or laptops "ESC" or "F10" key may work to bring the boot order.]


You can watch the following Bangla Tutorial Video from our YouTube Channel on How to Install Windows 10 for Free.

This Bangla Tutorial has a set of step-by-step guidelines for easy installation of Windows 10. This Bengali Tutorial will be very helpful to those who have a Genuine Windows 10 Product Key integrated into their BIOS/Firmware.

Here I also discussed the Advantages and Disadvantages of Clean Authentic Windows 10 Installation then I tried to show the viewers How to Install Clean Official Windows 10.

This Bangla Tutorial doesn't inspire those who want to Install Windows 10 without Having a Genuine Windows 10 Product Key.

So I'll suggest you proceed with caution before going to install Windows 10.