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WALTON Bangladesh Brought WALCART: A Brand New E-Commerce Site with Big Promises

'WALCART' is an upcoming e-commerce business that will be run by Walton Group, one of the largest holding companies in Bangladesh. As Walton group has been an AAA-rated leading tech-giant company of Bangladesh for a couple of years it's obviously and keenly expected and anticipated from them that they will provide a valuable service to their customers with this new e-commerce platform going to be known as Walcart or walcart.com.

WALTON Bangladesh Brought WALCART: A Brand New E-Commerce Site with Big Promises
Photo Credit: WALCART Official Fan Page

walcart.com is going to be launched countrywide very soon with an immense challenge to face ahead when all the e-commerce business organizations are critically reviewed and criticized by the people of Bangladesh for their recent fraudulent activities with a wholesome of false hopes and expectations.

It can be said that the people of Bangladesh have now lost their belief and trust in e-commerce platforms more than ever for Evaly, Dalal, Aleshamart, and other prominent e-commerce businesses.
Whatever Walton Bangladesh is raising a great concern to their faithful customers, cautiously assuring their ultimate customers-friendly services.

Walcart is about to serve its customers all over the country with more than 150 product categories and services including fashion, lifestyle, electronics, food & beverages, sports & fitness, service solutions, and many more.

But it'll be extremely challenging for them to bring the customers under the hood of e-commerce platforms like before and it'll be also a very tough job to gain the customers' trust whereas people were literally stranded and fed-up with the services of Evaly, Dala, Aleshamart.

But still, there are some hopes that Walton can make a big change like they have been doing for more than a decade with their huge product portfolio and so many services. They have an enormous amount of capital to back up the initiative and they have a massive customer base to go on with walcart.com

And still, there are some loopholes to cover up and be greatly concerned that all the products which will be available on walcart.com aren't going to be from Walton, so they have to make sure that the other merchants don't spoil their reputation by delaying product deliveries to the customers.

So we're ending this article regarding walcart.com with a big hope from them that they will make a great stand and raise customers' belief in e-commerce platforms again in Bangladesh.