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Walton WKG008WB Low-Budget Gaming Keyboard Review | Walton Keyboard Price in BD

Walton Low-Budget Gaming Keyboard WKG008WB Review | Walton WKG008WB Keyboard Price in BD

Walton Bangladesh has introduced a huge variety of computer components, Brand Desktop PC, a wide range of laptops for all classes users of Bangladesh.

Recently we tested one of the Walton Low-Budget Gaming Keyboards known as Walton WKG008WB Keyboard.
So, we will be telling you our opinion in this article about the Walton WKG008WB keyboard.
The price of this Walton Keyboard in Bangladesh is 950৳ taka.

First Impression of the keyboard:
It doesn't look like a 950taka's keyboard at all. Trust me when I got it out of the box and hold it. I was surprised to see the build quality and the finishing of the keyboard. It's a great build with durable build materials and especially the color of the frame looks so premium.

Build Quality:
You might be thinking they used plastic material for a low-budget keyboard. No Walton just surprised us with this keyboard, they used a silver metal finish with a combination of polycarbonate and the color of the main plate looks so beautiful on any surface.
The keys have a good travel distance and there wasn't any kind of flex during our usage and the sound of the pressing is not so crunchy.

Actually, you'll find this keyboard a solidly built keyboard and you can use it as a bat too. Sorry, that was fun, but the keyboard is truly strong enough to pick a fight with that.

The double-shot injection under the keys and the rubber material used under the keys made it more comfortable and clicky for speedy typing.

The sounds of the typing of this keyboard are so soothing and not so noisy. The backlit with several colors and animated flow of the colors looks so gorgeous during the night in a dark room. If you just simply turn off the monitor and other lights of your room and keep the keyboard in motion lighting mode you'll love the colors blend.

Here's our review video of Walton WKG008WB Low-Budget Gaming Keyboard in Bangla. You can watch that too for better understanding.

Whatever this Low Budget Gaming Keyboard is mainly for Lite-Gamers or Regular PC Users in Bangladesh who love Keyboard Lighting Effects and a Keyboard with Good Build Quality.

So as we already discussed considering the price of the keyboard it was quite impressive and worth of money.

There's a special thing which I truly loved about this keyboard is that the wire of this keyboard is coated with Nylon and that made it more durable and strong for long time use.

So that's all for today's review and hopefully, we'll find you here reading other articles on our website.
Stay home, stay safe. Have a good day.