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10 Best Helpful Laptop Buying Guides for Buying A New or Used Laptop

Buying a new laptop or making a decision about Which one to buy is not that much easier for those who're not aware of the things or requirements for their purposes.

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In an easy term will you buy something if that doesn't meet your need or purposes? So when it comes to buying a new laptop especially the Entry Level users face a lot of hypertension that whether the purchase will be "value for money or not".

So here in this article, we'll share some tips and advice providing you with the 10 best and proper laptop buying guides.

  1. What operating system do you want to use?
    Look the question could sound a bit tricky but if you want to run both Windows and Linux or Ubuntu on your laptop then you must check whether your laptop will run all of those?
    Remember not all laptops are compatible with every operating system available out there.
  2. How much do you want to spend?
    The budget is always the biggest factor during a Laptop purchase. You will be always wanting to spend your money wisely and expecting the best outcome of that.
    There are a huge amount of latest laptops coming around all the time. So, determine your budget and make a list of the laptops which are available within that budget.
    That will help you to make your decision wisely.
  3. Is the budget enough for your NEEDED Configuration?
    So after making a list of available laptops with your primary budget like the answer to the above question, you need to make sure are you getting your Needed Configuration from those best choices.
    If your answer is yes then choose the best one with the best specs (see the 4, 5, 6, 7 number points) from them.
    If you're not getting the best specs for your need then try to expand your budget as much as possible.
    Then with your final budget amount for your new laptop, you should make a list of the latest available laptops.
  4. Does your chosen laptop has the newest TPM chip?
    So in this modern era of technology, you should always have the best possible security features from your devices.
    TPM or Trusted Platform Module will provide you with the best hardware security through integrated cryptographic keys.
    And most of you already heard that Windows 11 won't get updated unless you have TPM 2.0 or the latest editions.
  5. Choose a Laptop with a new generation processor.
    For working with the latest software and operating system you must have the most compatible CPU available within your budget.
    Like the 9th, 10th, or 11th Gen Intel Core i3 is fine for Basic works at the present time.
    Then for more powerful work you should go for Intel Core i5 or Core i7 considering your budget.
    But make sure to have the latest CPU for efficient work with modern apps.
  6. Check RAM Expansion Option
    This is a very important matter in case you want to speed up or upgrade your laptop in the future.
    Always choose a laptop to buy which has a RAM Expansion slot and of course at present that should support DDR4 RAM.
    So, considering your budget and need, buy a laptop with at least 8GB RAM in this era.
  7. M.2 SSD Installation Slot
    Every second is valuable now. So for saving time and faster working experience we all need the latest M.2 SSD features for multitasking and heavy usages of laptop.
    So please buy a new laptop with an M.2 SSD slot, it'll significantly fasten your working experience and Laptop booting time.
  8. Look for HDD slot with M.2 SSD slot
    In case you need more storage you would like to have an HDD which will be useful for storing your personal data where the SSD will be used for system files.
    It's not mandatory for all but having an extra scope broadens our possibility of upgrade.
  9. Backlit Keyboard and Smooth Touchpad
    Check if the keyboard of the laptop does look comfortable enough to type and does it have a backlit feature. The backlit keyboard will help you to work in darkness.
    And the touchpad must be smooth to scroll or use for multi-finger gestures.
  10. Buy a Laptop with Full-HD Display
    Nowadays just HD or HD+ displays aren't the best ones for working as graphic designers or video editors.
    Even for better visibility and better sharpness, a Full-HD display is a must.

An additional suggestion will be for Old or Used Laptop Buyers that "don't buy a laptop which doesn't have Secure Boot feature or UEFI Boot mode."

Though the new laptops of present times come with Secure Boot mode or UEFI Boot mode feature. So, you shouldn't worry about that.

Sometimes the new laptops BIOS or Firmware seems a bit difficult to understand so our suggestion or tips will be to proceed with caution and don't make any changes to your system without proper knowledge.

So, that's the end of our "10 Best Helpful Laptop Buying Guides for Buying a New or Used Laptop". Hope this article will help you with your decision-making process.

And please don't hesitate to let us know what are you thinking of our articles in the comment section.

Here is also a Bangla Tutorial Video from our YouTube Channel on various Tips and Tricks or Laptop Buying Guides of 2021. Hopefully, this will be helpful.